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Our History

There has been a 2nd Farnborough Scout Troop registered since 1911 but it wasn’t until 1919 when the Scout Association started their record system that we can trace the history.

2nd Farnborough (NCH&O) had an association with the National Children’s Home in Alexandra Road throughout its history and is registered as meeting there from the late 20’s when the title was changed to 2nd Farnborough Scout Group. It is probably at this time that a Cub section for the younger boys was opened. After a break for the 2nd World War the group was re-established in 1947 still based at the Home and it appears that 2nd Farnborough continued there until 1953 when the Home and consequently the group closed.

A new group was established in 1955 at the Church Hall in Fox Lane and was called 23rd Odiham Fox Lane Group in the Odiham District. In Sept 1957 this group was transferred to the Aldershot District and the name changed to 2nd Farnborough Fox lane. The group was transferred to the new District of Farnborough and Cove in 1965 and to the new Blackwater Valley District in 2000 when Farnborough and Cove and Aldershot Districts merged. In 1986 a Beaver section was introduced and it was at this time that girls were introduced into the group.

In 2015 2nd Farnborough proudly celebrated its 60 year anniversary.

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